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At SparkYourBloom, we are coming along in the path of those looking for a meaningful change in their life, with a great selection of helpful items meant to support, ease and perfect the everyday practice of meditation and mindfulness.

Our shop is perfectly secure, we are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and all the products displayed on SparkYourBloom are carefully curated by our founder, Mihaela, who’s an avid mindfulness practitioner and a seasoned professional executive coach with a high level of expertise.

We learnt from our personal experiences that a meaningful change needs most of all the determination to remove the blockages and change those patterns that are no longer serving us in a positive way. We also learnt that our determination on this journey of self-discovery and change has more chances of success when supported and recognized by those around us. There is no secret that regardless of how strong determination is, there are times of hopelessness and moments of despair that lead to disappointments. And that’s ok. It happened to us, too, and it’s no shame about it, just a new lesson learnt, just another step out of the comfort zone, a mere test of our commitment to our personal growth.

Inspired by our own experiences with change but also by the challenges most commonly experienced by people needing coaching, we have created SparkYourBloom as a support for a more peaceful life.

Along with our Shop that provides everything we believe is needed to infuse the daily routine with resourceful mind practices and useful props to develop healthier habits, comes our Magazine. It is our precious and trustful source of quality information on personal growth, meditation techniques and spirituality topics. We hope it will become yours, too.

Meaningful shopping & peaceful reading!
Mihaela & Petra