White Sage Incense – 6 Packs

£8.99 (as of February 3, 2019, 1:00 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details £5.70


Premium quality White Sage Incense Sticks with a simple yet elegant perfume that will help you with meditation, prayer and purification.

  • 6 Packs
  • 20 Sticks
  • Made in India
  • Use for Prayers or Pleasure


Usually dispatched within 24 hours


Fill your house with the cleansing and relaxing scent of Stamford Hex White Sage Incense Sticks.
Whether your are entertaining or relaxing, the warm and earthy herbal aroma of whitw sage is perfect way to improve the atmosphere.

How to use

  • Light the tip of the stick and wait for it to glow
  • Blow out the flame
  • Place in an incense holder

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Why We Chose it

We’ve picked the White Sage Incense – 6 packs because we can’t get enough of the sage incense. We feel it’s so purifying, and we can actually feel the negative energies in the space being cleared away after using it. Great quality, and they come packed very nicely, so gift them to the people you love 🙂


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