Magnesium Oil – Travel Size


With this Travel Size Magnesium Oil you can take your wellbeing with you everyday and everywhere.

The only recommendation is that you use the Magnesium Oil every single day for at least 3 to 4 weeks to give this precious mineral a sufficient amount of time to take full effect.

  • Magnesium Guide e-book included



How to Use Magnesium Oil

  • For restless legs and better sleep: apply to the bottom of the feet every day, this is the best way to get it inside the cells and increase Magnesium level in your body. You can also spray your entire body paying particular attention to any sore area. Let it air dry for best results
  • For Headaches: rub the oil on your forehead, temples and back of your head


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Why We Chose it

Use this Magnesium Oil everyday for 3 to 4 weeks and feel the difference. This Travel Size Oil includes a Magnesium Guide e-book, to ensure maximum use. 


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