Singing bowl – Handmade in Nepal

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An authentic Singing Bowl handcrafted in Nepal for a peaceful mind & harmony.
This beautiful singing bowl has a touching sound that owes its sharpness to a composition of 5 fine metals and seems to make the time stand still.

Someone who swings harmonically is always healthy – Nepalese saying

  • Made in Bhaktapur, the smallest royal city of the Kathmandu Valley
  • Red Mūlādhāra root chakra in C
  • Rare Mantra engraving of the Newar in Nepālī on both sides
  • Powerful Mudra symbolism at the bottom (gratitude, compassion, awareness, enlightenment)
  • Robust Lokta paper case 


Usually dispatched within 24 hours


Nepalese singing bowl

  • Historic significance – Singing bowls have already been existing for thousands of years in Eastern religions and the Asian high culture. They are manufactured from up to seven different metals with each of them having their own vibration frequency.
  • Meditation – Due to its long-lasting, clear sound this singing bowl is ideally suitable for meditation and concentration. Struck once, time seems to stand still for a moment and we are in the Here and Now.
  • Craftsmanship & Material – The lathed toggle made from rosewood with leather applications, the sewn standing cushion with traditional patterns, and the robust, handmade Lokta paper case are 100% handwork. Metals: Brass as Mercury, copper as Venus, tin as Jupiter and iron as Saturn.
  • Healing effect – Sound has an impact on the human mood, brain waves (alpha waves), nervous system and overall body chemistry. Sound is used to specifically target insomnia, diverse physical dysfunctions and mental restlessness.

What’s in the box

  • Singing bowl: 600g – 14cm
  • Rosewood clapper with leather for a better strike
  • Hand-sewn standing ring

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Why We Chose it

We love the singing bowl that is handmade in Nepal because it brings some sacred magic in our homes. It makes a wonderful sound and its design is perfect. We promise your meditation practice will improve if you have this in your home or your meditation center. It’s almost like it helps bring people together!


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