Meditation and Relaxation for Kids – CD

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This 7 track Meditation and Relaxation for Kids Music CD has been created in association with Dr Elizabeth Scott, a sleep expert.
Every track is a meditation and relaxation exercise that helps children at bedtime, during long stressful journeys or other situation when kids just need to relax.


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    1. Relax your body and your mind
    2. Your adventure in the clouds
    3. Relax and get rid of your worries
    4. Your hot air balloon adventure
    5. Your beach holiday adventure
    6. Starlight relaxation
    7. Your night sky adventure


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Why We Chose it?

We chose this product because we find it easy for children to relate to it, to use their imagination when following the guided meditations so that they achieve that state of calm and relaxation. Perfect for use at bedtime, during stressful situations such as long journeys, before exams or when children just need to relax and switch off. Mindfulness for children at its best!


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