Epsom Bath Salts – 5 kg

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Soaking in a tub with Epsom Bath Salt relaxes tired or aching muscles and helps with fluid retention while soothing and detoxifying your skin.

Excellent when used after sport or a long working day.


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Epsom Bath Salts’ origins began in the early 17th Century. Epsom became renowned as a spa destination and people would converge from all over the country to drink the ‘medicinal, healing waters’ from the well.
Since then, Magnesium and Sulfate have been combined and used widely as a proven treatment in medicine and healthcare for a wide variety of applications as Epsom Salt (or Magnesium Sulfate).


  • For general skin health and wellbeing add 100g-250g to your bath
  • To help relax tired and aching muscles use 500g-1Kg
  • For Foot Bath dissolve 100g-500g of salt in a warm 5 l foot bath


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Why We Chose it

We chose this product because we all know how tiering some days can be, and sometimes just unwinding in a bath isn’t enough, this is where this Epson Reviving Bath Salt comes in and saves the day. Helps relax aching muscles in just 15 minutes.


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