Chakra Set – Essential Oils

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The scent of these natural Essential Oils gives you a unique chance to connect with your spirit, body and emotions.

The Blended Valley E-Book, which is included in this set, helps you using these oils in the most effective way to enrich your life.


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These high quality Essential Oils can help you clear your Chakras.
Balanced chakras are your pathway to creativity, passion, pleasure, acceptance of yourself and your life, healthy relationships.

That’s why expert aromatherapists, yoga and meditation experts have chosen Blended Valley Oils.

You can use these precious natural Oils separately or mix them for a tailored experience.


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Why We Chose it

The Chakra Set – Essential Oils will help you incorporate self-balancing rituals into your self-care routine. This is a great set to start with understanding your chakras and emotions. Each energy center has its own blend and we promise it will enrich your life!


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