Buddha Candle and Incense Holder

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A chic and exquisite Buddha statue gift set. A candle holder and incense burner you can use as a Zen garden as well.


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Beautiful set of Buddha decorative statue sitting down meditating in a tray with candle holder and incense burner.
Fill the tray with sand a stones and use this ornamental piece to relax with a Zen garden.


  • Wood base tray
  • Natural stones
  • Sand


  • Wooden base: 12 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm
  • Buddha statue: 10 cm x 6 cm


Why We Chose it

We’ve picked this Buddha Candle and Incense Holder in the hope you like to have a meditation corner in your house too! Beautifully designed and made of quality materials, this can be a great gift for your loved ones. Everybody will love it, and will definitely use it!


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