Our Ethos

We believe that change comes one step at a time, one person at a time: that’s Our Ethos.
SparkYourBloom is our way (mine and my daughter’s, Petra) of creating that ripple effect of change for a better and more peaceful life one drop at a time.


Endings and beginnings are part of everyone’s life. It’s what keeps us evolving and growing; it’s part of what makes life exciting, what makes life unique to each and every one of us.


For me, starting a new business at a time of endings in my personal life, proved to be a transformational journey in itself. It has been proven to me once again that an end is the Spark to a beginning, that forgiveness and acceptance are Your seeds to Bloom into the true You.


I learned a lot from my journey to where I am today, but most of all, I learned how important it is to find the clarity one needs to do something exceptional in life. I also understood that in order to love my life, I must love myself with the good and the not so good, during the ups and during the downs. I learnt that I am the only constant in my life and that everybody else is in passing. I learnt that femininity and vulnerability are powerful attributes for a woman. I learned that I am worth it and that it is my right to be successful and happy, my way!


Our ethos


And that’s what SparkYourBloom is all about! Is about You and about inspiring and supporting you to SparkYourBloom into the amazing person you are without feeling the need to ask for anyone’s permission.


How do we do that? 


By bringing together my life experience and Petra’s young energy. By sharing stories, ours and those of others, by spreading the wisdom of those who were and/or are on the same journey, by creating the safe space for you to explore what this journey means to you and by making this process as comfortable as possible.


SparkYourBloom stands for new beginnings, its mission is to spark that desire to explore your inner and outer bloom.


Our aim is to become your go to resource to better your mindfulness and meditation practice, which includes providing products to support the physicality of your journey. At the moment we chose to do that as a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, where all of our product selection comes from, beginning with our own brand of meditation cushions:  Basic Meditation Cushion or Deluxe Meditation Cushion.


Happy practice and a fulfilling journey!

Mihaela & Petra