It sounds over simple, but happiness is a choice. We have to choose to be happy. Which is why personal growth is so important. Through our own personal growth we can learn how to choose happiness.

We all know that along with the wonderfully happy times that we experience, there will also be plenty that we don’t enjoy. It is how we deal with that truth that affects our ability to manage our happiness.

Our personal growth journey is about how to deal with disappointment, failure and frustrations. The negative experiences that interrupt our happiness.

If we make time for personal growth daily, we are equipped to face these interruptions to our happiness. When we understand that personal growth is the key to our happiness, we can prevent our feelings being a constant rollercoaster of emotions.


A Swinging Pendulum Where We Are Either Happy Or Sad


As we spend time on our own personal growth each day, we build up the resilience and insight needed for the ever-changing sea that life is. We can give ourselves a solid understanding of life as a constantly changing flow.

We can teach ourselves to embrace and not fear change and closed doors. To learn patience and comfort in where we are now. To develop the knowledge that disappointments lead to opportunities, frustrations to growth and failure to knowledge.
We can school ourselves in self-kindness and grace for others. To the power of our own strength, just as we are.

However, like an athlete, we have to have done the work beforehand. Once the negative feelings hit, it is ten times as hard to start the attack. With prior training you can spot the early signs and begin the work on yourself that we all have to do, regardless of how much self growth we engage in.

And so we learn, that devoting time each day to personal growth is important to us all. We all face a barrage of negative emotions and experiences all day every day. Like a warrior we need the daily diet and self care to keep up our strength for the continuous battle.

We need to keep renewing our mind, considering fresh approaches and perspectives, experiencing new things. That is the reason why personal growth is the most important thing you can do, if you want to feel happy every day.

How Do We Do Personal Growth Every Day


Here are six easy and effective ways to use personal growth if you want to feel happy each day:

1. Make time for a meditation practice that works for you.

You may choose first thing in the morning, before you go to bed or another time during the day. Having a meditation routine will help you to find calmness, peace, relaxation, self-love and purpose. If it is part of your daily routine, it will help to you to keep your feelings balanced, whatever situations you face. Start your practice with a guided meditation for sleep, it makes wonders.

2. Find moments in the day where you can be quiet and present.

It may be a walk outdoors, lunch in the park or a seat by the window. Notice all that is around you. What you can see and hear.

3. Learn something new everyday.

There are so many options for finding new information, ideas and perspectives. You could read a blog, reflect on a quote, listen to a podcast, a TedTalk, read a couple of pages of a personal growth book, there are so many choices. Make it part of your daily routine. Without new ways of thinking, you cannot expand your mind.

4. Do something that makes you feel good.

What do you really want to do? A question we ask ourselves so rarely when we are younger. Forget the other voices. Make time to think about what you really want to do today, tomorrow, next month, next season – and do it.

Watch that boxset, join that class, book that holiday. Be kind to yourself! Why not pump some music and throw some shapes to this feel-good video? You’ll release a bunch of happiness-inducing endorphins at the same time.

5. Likewise, allow yourself the indulgence of looking after yourself.

Begin to understand that it is a necessity. Without you – there is no you! Make time every day to look after your body, soul and mind properly. Eating, moving and thinking are not mechanical processes, they are essential to our happiness. They need your time and attention.

Keep your thoughts on the present. Personal growth is about where we are now. Don’t allow your mind to keep you stuck on yesterday or worrying about tomorrow. Feed yourself with the food that you need for today.


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