Now that summer is almost over, how do you get back in shape after eating all that delicious food during the holidays? There’s no need to feel bad about it, that’s what holidays are for – to enjoy the free time and whatever brings you pleasure. And its no secret that food can make us feel happy!

I’ve heard a lot of people say: I’m going on a diet when I get back home or My God, this is so good, but so wrong. Is this really necessary?

I think that going back to a healthy way of living sounds more appropriate. If we do eat things that are less healthy while on vacation, we might as well let it feel good in those moments, and avoid sending negative messages to our bodies.


Mindful Ways To Get Back In Shape After Holidays


1. Don’t punish yourself

Guilty thoughts are only going to make you more miserable and we all know that those are the moments when we tend to turn to comfort food (aka chocolate). And I bet that’s not going to make your six-pack pop.


2. Slowly get back to your previous lifestyle

If that didn’t include going to the gym, maybe it’s time to reconsider. Alternatively any other sport will do, as long as you keep moving. I wouldn’t recommend going straight into full-on healthy mode, it might confuse your body and give you cravings.

Instead, eliminate unhealthy things from your diet one-by-one, and you won’t feel like you need them anymore. As well as getting back in shape, you’ll more importantly have a daily routine that helps you to stay healthy and happy about how you look.


3. Back to water!

The chances are, that the only liquid you’ve had during the holidays was wine or Cuba Libre. It’s time to hydrate your body properly from now on and two litres a day is the best way. Although tea is welcome too!


4. Set your meal times

No more late dinners and skipping breakfast, which are both very unhealthy choices! To get back in shape, you’ll need a rich breakfast and 2-3 other meals during the day (depending on your schedule). Try planning meal times in advance, it’s easier and helps you to stay on track.


5. Sleep!

Try to get eight hours sleep every night. If you have a busy life, make it at least six. Your body will thank you for it, your brain will be able to function properly and you’ll notice that you have much more energy to hit the gym after work!

Your effort to get back in shape after a few days of excess doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Dieting and loosing weight  might be a part in a long term smart healthy plan. Give it a try and just remember: keep it positive, don’t overthink things and bear in mind that you’ve done it before, so you can get that beach body back again!


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