The frustration and repercussions of being unable to sleep are unbearable. Not only does it affect you at night, but then you also have to worry about how you will manage to function properly the next day. This only adds to your sense of anxiety.

Using meditation for sleep is a brilliant, quick and easy way to overcome sleeplessness. Whether it is an aid to insomnia, a sleep problem or anxiety, read on to find out how you can use meditation for sleep to help you. It can help you to get a great night’s rest quickly, and there is plenty of scientific evidence to explain why. Indeed, using meditation to help you to sleep, will give you a deep sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised in the morning.

Meditation practice is a calming ritual for the mind and body. As you control your breathing during meditation for sleep, you are not only helping your mind and body to relax, you are also improving your oxygen levels.



Why Is A Good Night’s Sleep So Important For Our Health



As you focus on your deep breaths in and out, your increased oxygen and steady breathing pattern enable your brain and body to relax. Thus your mind and body enters the perfect state for sleep.
it is essential that our brains and bodies get a good level of oxygen during the night to repair and maintain our minds and bodies.
Insomnia, anxiety and other sleep problems that result in interrupted sleep, interfere with our body and brain’s ability to do essential work during the night.
Thus, sleepless nights can lead to depression, weight-gain, irritability and a wide range of health problems.

As you breathe deeply, your oxygen levels are replenished, your muscles, mind and body is prepared for the sleep state.
The alternative state of being that our entire body needs to be in to move from the ‘of daytime activity, to the ‘rejuvenation’ that takes place at night. That is why a lack of sleep has such a big impact on us the following day, our bodies have not been ‘prepared’ for a new day.

So meditation for sleep becomes a transition for our body and brain to switch gear.

As we understand what is happening inside our bodies during meditation for sleep, we are better able to focus on the present, as our muscles, minds and organs slow down. As our minds concentrate on each breath, our preoccupation with the events of the day fade.

Whilst we feel the change of state that is taking place, and exercise our minds and bodies, feel-good chemicals and brain-waves vital for sleep are put to work inside our bodies. As a result meditation for sleep, ensures that our sleep is peaceful, positive and rejuvenating.


How Do We Use Meditation For Sleep For A Healthy, Deep And Eevitalising Slumber


Whether you choose to use guided meditation for sleep or your own self-guided meditation for sleep, the important thing to remember is that it does not need to be complicated.
Here is a quick and easy ten minute meditation for sleep. You may wish to play music whilst you use meditation for sleep. Lying down, place your hands at the sides of your body or over your chest. Remind yourself of the transition that you are about to make and take a long deep breath in.




Follow the breath as it moves through your body. Take a long deep breath out.


Step 2


As you breathe in this time, breathe out the tension from one part of your body that feels tense, with a long deep exhale. Repeat for another area of your body.


Step 3


Now breathe in and feel the sensation as each part of your body relaxes, and your body enters a relaxed state. Repeat, following the relaxation as it spreads throughout your body, continuing to exhale any other areas of tension.


Step 4


Listen to the quiet or music around you – keep breathing. Begin to count with each inhale, letting the sense of rest and relaxation wash over you. Continue to 5.


Step 5


Count back slowly from 10 on each inhale, immersed in the feeling of your calm and relaxed body.

Before you reach 1, you will be asleep!

Besides this meditation for sleep exercise, you can make use of other some good moments during your day to practice awareness. Discover 3 moments perfect for meditating and relaxing.


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