The term chakra is definitely not new to most of us. It entails various concepts. The next time you choke from negative energy, harness your positive energy using a chakra-balancing bracelet. It is the simplicity of balancing the seven chakras which ensures that your body, mind, and soul are in great harmony.


So, What Is A Chakra Basically?


Chakra gets its origin from Sanskrit and it means wheel. If you are familiar with meditation and yoga, you must be aware that wheels are everywhere within you and it changes into energy in your body. Chakras are 7 in number and are placed at the spine starting from the base of the spine to the crown of your head.

Ideally chakras are a wealth of dynamism in our body which helps us in the establishments of a strong connection to our inner self. This amazing connection is made through certain chanting, various colors, and imagination of its yantra. It means putting on some special stones which denote the special energy of chakras.

The main function of the chakra is to bring effective healing techniques: positive affirmations, Chromo-therapy, massage, Aromatherapy, and meditation. Each chakra has a rich well-chosen therapeutic grade which is crucial to live a peaceful and healthy life.

Seven Colored Charms



As mentioned earlier, chakra bracelets come in seven colored stones or charms. Each of these stones represents either of the seven energies that are supposed to be balanced. So, the seven chakras energies involve their therapeutic effects on the following parts of your body:

Solar plexus


How Does a Chakra Bracelet Work?


The advantage of a chakra bracelet is that it is a very accessible medium to get mental peace and calmness since it doesn’t discriminate the users based on gender or age. Therefore, it can be used by anyone at any time. For it to work, all you need to do is wear one and wait as the divine healing starts to take effect.

Of course, we all yearn for an affordable, easy-to-use, and comfortable alternative healing path. It is human nature to keep on looking around the corners for the sources which can infuse new positive energies to make progress in life. You can easily tap on all that by using chakra bracelet and their working style is quite harmless which is another benefit of using them on continuous and long-term bases.

They are an inexpensive route to looking on to the brighter side of life as you bid goodbye to all negative energy. These bracelets work as effective alternatives to heavy medication which we take on daily bases.

They work quite in a smooth way without even letting you know that they are affecting you positively and assisting you in your daily routine.


What Is The Purpose Of Wearing A Chakra Bracelet?


There are varied views on how the chakra work and interact with your body. Some believe it delivers energy directly from the stones used while others are of the view that the purpose of the bracelet is to enhance awareness and give a sharp focus on keeping the energies in balance.

Either way, the purpose of the bracelet remains to be an alternative medicine used to enhance vitality and healing. It is not limited to energy alternative though as people may also wear it solely for beauty purposes.

What happens is that the negative energy escapes the wearer and is trapped in the bracelet as the positive energy comes from each stone and restores the balance of the chakras. Even with diverse interpretations of the powers of different crystals, the creator of the bracelet in normal circumstances gives a justification for the various stones chosen.

You first need to be aware of your chakras in order to successfully balance them. Being aware of the meanings of chakras and its benefits will aid in understanding the source of your imbalances. For instance, mind/body awareness is achieved by wearing a reminder which comes in the form of a charka.
It is amazing how simple the bracelets work just by balancing the seven energies. Balancing technique through chakras can be seen as having a balanced diet as both of them help you live a healthy and hearty life.


Benefits Of Wearing A Chakra Bracelet


Of course, the list of the benefits of wearing a chakra healing bracelet is long but the one benefit that stands out among them all is its ability to create awareness to your 7 chakras. This, therefore, makes it a good reminder to keep them open always.

The most important feature of a chakra bracelet is that the wearer knows exactly its value. It is a common knowledge that not every rainbow colored bracelet is a chakra bracelet but every bracelet colored in rainbow colors can be used as chakra bracelets with the same end results of healing and balancing effects.

Let’s take a look at the seven chakra bracelet benefits which show that what is a chakra and how it interacts with out body. The following are the breakdown of the chakra and their connection to the body.


Crown chakra

The purpose of this chakra is to enhance universal individuality and focus on self-knowledge.


Throat Chakra

The purpose of this one is to stimulate creativity and its focus on assertiveness.


Third Eye Chakra

This chakra improves archetypal identity and its focus is on self-reproduction.


Base Chakra

The purpose of this chakra is to support physical distinctiveness and its focus is on self-defence.


Heart Chakra

The purpose of this chakra is to enhance social identity and its focus is on self-recognition.


Sacral Chakra

Its focus is on self-satisfaction and it boosts demonstrative personality.


Solar Plexus Chakra

It commands our determination, personal control, and metabolism


Don’t forget to take care of yourself through the energies of chakra.


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